ARC Vanture a supply partner to the world’s mines

ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International JV (ARC-Vanture), has just completed nearly $20 million in sales to the global mining industry over the past three years.

In 2012 the company completed the supply of its biggest single order to date – 2 x 3.5MW SAG mills and 1 x 5.5MW ball mill to the world’s largest open pit chrome mine, located in sub-Saharan Africa. The mills were delivered within 12 months ex-works and at exceptionally competitive price surpassing customer expectation for delivery and pricing of such equipment.

During the past year, order enquiries have grown from across the globe as companies seek a lower cost route and faster delivery times for their mining equipment needs.
With both major and junior mining companies reducing costs across the board, the need to secure cost-effective mine insfrastructure needs at more cost effective prices has become more urgent.

The ARC-Vanture JV, which is also a major supporter of industry endeavours and is principal sponsor of mining industry organization The African Mining Network, has reported that order enquiries for numerous mining and mineral processing equipment supplies has grown a larger worldwide footprint with orders coming from across Africa, particularly Kenya, the DRC, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Guinea, Mali and the United Arab Emirates; other enquiries and orders are being fulfilled across Asia, particularly the Philippines, Vietnam and Mongolia and Australia is now beginning to believe in the excellent quality of goods being produced in China with ARC-Vanture being short-listed as a mining and mineral processing equipment tenderer on a number of new mining project developments across Australia.

ARC-Vanture continues to be highly sought-after as a reputable and credible alternative sourcing agent for mining equipment providing clients with a seamless route to China’s most respected manufacturers while removing the obstacles which many companies face in being able to navigate the China procurement route.

Most recently ARC-Vanture signed an agreement with one of South Africa’s leading engineering firms, Onsite Services to work collaboratively to support the installation, commissioning and maintenance of ARC-Vanture’s equipment supplies into Africa. Furthermore, the collaborative agreement sees Onsite Services bringing its much respected Quality Management supervision skills to China to ensure client equipment orders meet all the necessary standards and specifications.

The management of ARC-Vanture and Onsite Services say the collaborative agreement ensures customers are getting a high quality of service and equipment manufacturing that they can rely on.
For more information contact ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International and the Onsite Services engineering services in Africa contact: Phone: +61 412 261 870 Email:

China-manufactured crushers enroute to Africa

The Vanture-ARC JV has recently completed two separate orders for four crushers to South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Vanture-ARC JV was chosen as the procurement agent for this equipment because of its well-known and highly recognized ability to negotiate with China’s manufacturers for the prices and delivery times.

Four of China’s most respected crusher manufacturers have selected Vanture-ARC JV to promote and market their equipement across Africa and Australia.
Clients are provided an exceptional range and variety of crushers to meet their requirements with extended manufacturer guarantees and terms and conditions for after sales service.
The most recent orders the Vanture-ARC JV has delivered into Africa included an impact crusher and a jaw crusher into a copper project in Zambia and an impact and a jaw crusher to a ferrochrome project in South Africa.

Vanture-ARC welcomes new enquiries to supply crushers into the African mining industry and the mining industry globally including Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia.
We are committed to giving our clients the best service, prices and delivery.

References of our procurement work and service provided are available.

Contact us for all your needs for: mill liners, flotation cells, electric motors, ball and SAG mills, girth gears, crushers and screens, hi rate thickeners, mill linings, valves, screw compressors, tower cranes, trackless equipment, modular process plants, structural steel, electrical components, electrical switchgear, electrical cable, flotation cells, pumps, transformers, coal-fired power plants, crushers and screens.
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LHD state-of-the-art technology now in Africa

Anchises Technology Co Ltd – SinoMe range of LHDs

Vanture-ASIA’s Resource Connections LHD agent throughout Africa

Anchises Technology specializes in underground trackless off-road technology. The company manufactures underground loaders (LHDs) with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 6 cubic metres and underground dump trucks with capacities ranging from 10 to 25 tons. The company also has its own patented oil-cooled multi-disc brake system, and currently, Anchises Technology Co, Ltd is the only company in China who has the professional expertise and authority to develop, manufacture, and market this unique technology in China.

With the assistance of its international partners, Anchises Technology Co Ltd is now expanding and growing its overseas markets.
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