Tower Cranes
tower crane
The following technical data sheets show some of the standard Tower Cranes and Building Hoists designs we have available. We can supply cranes and hoists to your specific requirements given your specific technical specifications.

We can offer tower cranes and building hoists for the construction of buildings, roads, rail systems, process plants, industrial projects and our units can be custom designed and manufactured for your particular requirements.

Our manufacturing facility has over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of such lifting equipment. Units have been supplied to many applications in China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Our larger tower crane units can be fitted with inner climbing frame capabilities for ease of erection. All units have safety features to ensure correct operation and prevent overloading and safety of operation.

Cranes can be fitted with up to six operating speeds, with a maximum lifting speed of 80 meters per minute and a minimum speed of 5 meters per minute. The control programme recognises the load weight and allows quicker travel for light loads, slower for heavy loads, and rapid travel for empty hook conditions, maximising operating efficiency.
All safety functions are fail safe.

Selected Units

Lifting Moment t/m Max Lifting Weight t Max Operating Radius m End Lifting Weight t Free Standing/ Max Height m
160 160 10 60 2.1 56/200
80 80 8 54 1.4 45/160
63 63 6 50 1.0 41/120
40 40 4 46 0.7 31/110
25 25 2.5 32 0.8 25/60
4520 80 6 45 2.0 35/180

Building Hoists

These construction elevators are easy to operate and suitable for carrying goods, materials and personnel.

The units are fitted with three external drives and two internal drives. They are fitted with safety hooks, safety restrictors and limit devices which prevent falling of the cage under all conditions.towercrane4

Selected Units

Model 100 200 100GZ 200GZ
Mast Sections mm 650×650 650×650 650×650 650×650
Single Cage Power kW 11×2 11×2 16×2 16×3
Counter Weight kg N/A 1000 N/A N/A
Cage Size m 3×1.3×2.5 3×1.3×2.5 3×1.3×2.5 3×1.3×2.5
Speed m/min max 35 35 63 63