Gold Dressing Reagent

EarthGold – a low toxicity gold leaching reagent (GLR) with improved environmental outcomes

EarthGold is a low toxicity gold leaching solution. EarthGold GLR is supplied and distributed by ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International Joint Venture (ARC-Vanture JV) in conjunction with China’s leading chemical development institutes.

Traditionally gold operations have used sodium cyanide as the leaching reagent for the recovery of gold. EarthGold can directly replace sodium cyanide and is the way of the future in gold leaching operations.

EarthGold has quickly developed a reputation as an effective gold leaching solution as well as providing minesites with reduced environmental impact of operation when it comes to the leaching solutions used in the recovery of gold, and resulting tails.

Our EarthGold GLR is suitable for most gold and silver mine leaching applications.

EarthGold 200

Our EarthGold 200 series GLR is a more environmentally-friendly, low toxicity gold and silver leaching solution compared to sodium cyanide.

ASIA’s Resources Connections-Vanture International launched its EarthGold GLR series to the market in 2015. Our company was formed in 2008 to provide the global mining industry with a cost-effective and efficient sourcing route of all major mining and mineral processing equipment, including consumables and materials.

We completed a study into available low toxic GLR compounds currently produced.  Independent sample testing in laboratories in China and Australia has been carried out. From this, a selection of the best performing GLRs were identified for promotion to the global market. The basis for selection was based on leaching rates, toxicity, pricing and application.  EG200 in our series of EarthGold GLRs ranks particularly highly in its wide-ranging applications.

EG200 is a low toxicity, low cyanide GLR. Its toxicity levels (LD50 ) are shown in the below table.

Acute oral toxicity test and classification for EarthGold GLR EG200

Code LD50 value (mg/kg b.wt) GHS TDG WTO/Europe USA
EG200 584 IV IV Harmful 2
EG500 1710/ 2330 IV-V V Harmful 2


Acute oral toxicity in LD50 value and classification criteria in 5 International organizations:

Classified GHS (mg/kg) TDG (mg/kg) Classified WTO and 200/33/EECs Classified in USA USA (mg/kg)
I-Danger, Fatal if swallowed  <5  <5 Very toxic <25 0-no toxic >15000
II-Danger, Fatal if swallowed  5~50  5~50 Toxic 25~200 1-actual no toxic  5000~15000
III-Danger, toxic if swallowed  50~300  50~300 Harmful 200~2000 2-light toxic  500~5000
IV-Warning, harmful if swallowed  300~2000 3-medium toxic  50~500
V-Warning, may be harmful if swallowed  2000~5000 4-high toxicity <50


GHS: Globally Harmonized System

EG200 is best described as a solid clathrate with some cyanide content. What differentiates our EarthGold series is that cyanide stays tightly locked by compounds in the clathrate. Its toxicity result is therefore much lower than cyanide. This is because most toxic forms of cyanide present themselves as free cyanide.

In our Earth Gold series, most of the free cyanide (CN) is locked in the clathrate and not released from its chemical structure.

This gives it a further advantage that it is able to be transported by sea, road and air as it is not classified as dangerous goods.

The EG200 GLR is environmentally-friendly. Ore tailings, after being processed using the EG200 GLR have been tested and meet the requirements of environmental protection codes. To date,  CN- has not been detected in lab tests of tails.  Results may vary according to different processing flowsheets.

The benefit of using our EarthGold GLR series is that no additional expenditure is required to convert from sodium cyanide application to EarthGold application.

Customer trial and batch process

ARC-Vanture JV offers new clients the opportunity to conduct trial tests using our most widely distributed EarthGold GLR. Gold use: EarthGold gold leaching reagent is suitable for most gold mine leaching applications and processes. It is an innovative lower toxicity product; Substitute for sodium cyanide: EarthGold replaces the use of sodium cyanide in gold leaching processes and its application is the same as that of sodium cyanide; Typical Dosage: Dosage of the GLR is similar to that of sodium cyanide. Rates of use vary with gold content in ore, pH value of the ore etc, but is in a range of 5.0~10.0/10,000 of the ore volume (500~1000g of reagent/tonne of ore). It also is useful to refer to the usage of sodium cyanide if it was used.

Samples to client and quoting to the client

– ARC-Vanture JV can send our EarthGold GLR sample to clients to conduct their own mine laboratory test on their own ore types following our testing instructions. If the test proves successful on the client’s ore we can then proceed to quote a first order trial batch for the client. – Cost of sending the client a sample for testing will be free, dependent on the quantity of sample required. Generally, a 200 gram sample sent to the sample destination will be free but the client is requested to bear the cost of the freight. Normally, 100-200g is required for a laboratory test. The test methodology on the sample is the similar to that for cyanide leach testing.

Helpful information sought from client

– Gold content of ore (g/t) – Chemical composition – Mine capacity (tph) – Process used eg: heap leaching, CIP/ CIL etc. – Current sodium cyanide consumption per month. This will allow us to provide a comparison of how much EarthGold reagent would be required. – Any other useful information ARC is committed to offering clients confidence and assurance the EarthGold GLR is an effective leaching solution and suitable for the site’s mineral ore type. The EarthGold GLR is tailored to meet the client’s ore leaching needs.

EarthGold Information

EarthGold is a lower-toxicity gold leaching reagent developed from innovative and technologically advanced chemical research by China’s leading chemical development institutes. The product replaces the use of sodium cyanide in gold leaching recovery.

EarthGold is applied to heap leaching, tank leaching and carbon leaching (agitation) processes.

Currently 85% of gold in the world is extracted using gold cyanide processes. In order to address highly toxic pollution of cyanide, industry experts and academics globally have undertaken extensive research to find gold extraction products that have lower toxicity.

The EarthGold lower-toxicity GLR is playing a revolutionary role in precious metal leaching.

The products are stable and perform reliably with an equivalent and sometimes higher leaching efficiency rate. They have a fast extraction time, are safe and are more environmentally-friendly when compared with the use of cyanide.

EarthGold has passed numerous tests for performance, quality and reliability.


  1. Newly Developed Product: Invention patent products, and the sole property right is owned by the manufacturer.
  2. Lower toxicity and Environmentally Friendly Product: Product is non-combustible, non-explosive, has no oxidation risk, is not radioactive hazard, has low toxicity, contains a common chemical product and is safe and environmentally-friendly.
  3. Stable Performance: Unlike cyanide the EarthGold products reduce the presence of arsenic (As) and Sulphur (S)
  4. Wide Suitability: It is suitable for spraying, tank leaching and carbon leaching(agitation) processes
  5. High Leaching Rate: The product can leach gold ions effectively, and has higher leaching rates than sodium cyanide.
  6. Stability The product is always stable.
  7. Convenient to Use: The application technique is the same as using sodium cyanide, avoiding the need for expensive upgrading of the company’s existing production process
  8. Easy Transportation: Our EarthGold products can be safely transported by air, rail, road and sea.

EarthGold Application and Testing

Basicity: The product is an inorganic compound, using lime or caustic soda as its stabilizer; keeping the  pH 10~12. After spraying or leaching the ore, backwater adjusting basicity pH is 11±1.

Dosage: Agent dosage is approximately 5.0~10.0/10,000 of the ore volume (500~1000g of agent/ tonne of ore); the dose is changeable with the pH of the ore. It also is useful to refer to the usage of sodium cyanide as a comparison if it was used.

Note Reagent should be kept away from heat and light and must not be contaminated to avoid failure during transportation, storage and use