Procurement services

We have African, Australian and China-based teams with excellent technical English and Chinese speaking skills.

This ensures that the ISO 9001 manufacturers that we source and use, are fully compliant with your quality and program requirements. We are able to provide you with frequent schedule and quality reports.

All manufacturers are required to provide quality control plans, with the necessary witness and hold points.

Project and technical services

Our bilingual English-Chinese China-based qualified engineers and consultants offer project and technical services world-wide.

ARC can recommend quality third party inspection services to satisfy clients’ check list during the manufacturing stages.

Recognising the world-wide demand on resources, we have established an efficient database and expertise to undertake:

  • Project and equipment procurement
  • Project logistics
  • Any procurement requirements your company may need to secure for a full turnkey project

ASIA’s Resource Connections
ASIA’s Resource Connections
ASIA’s Resource Connections