ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International won a competitive tender to supply a 3.5m2/1000 belt filter to Grande Cote Operations in Senegal.

The full scope of supply


  • Vacuum Rubber belt filter
  • Model: DU-3.5m2/1000
  • Excluding VSD, PLC & MCC, air compressor
  • Spare parts


ARC-Vanture committed to a 10 week delivery to port of shipment. Delivery time and price were paramount to the client’s needs. We managed the entire manufacturing time, providing the client with weekly progress reports and accompanying photos of the manufacturing process. This allowed them to see the progress without having to have their staff undertake regular quality control inspections.

Final inspection was jointly conducted by GCO and Vanture staff before packaging and shipping. Sign off was conducted by GCO staff. 

What the client had to say:

Many thanks for your support and input into this project. Your handling of the belt filter purchase order for us was fantastic and greatly appreciated.

We got the machine up and running and everyone is very pleased with the new plant!


  • Health and safety improved with lower dust emissions – improved working conditions
  • Belt Filter has made a huge difference in the plant operation’s flexibility.  The fluid bed dryer has stabalised and operating at its normal operating temperature with higher consistency, this will result in fuel saving and a stable dry mill performance
  • Dry mill yields have improved and also operating conditions are more robust.  More product in the Silo and less spillage on floor saving on operating cost for recycling.
  • Wet material can now be fed from the stock pile making life easier since the operating time of the front end loader has reduced, allowing operation flexibility.
  • Improved throughput through the plant – effective utilisation improvement.
  • Moisture averaging around 4.5 % or less depending on cake thickness.

In developing new mines we were finding it more and more difficult three years ago to source large capital equipment items, within the time frame and budget, from our local and traditional western suppliers.  This led us to look at newer supply markets in the East and this first exploratory exercise did not prove to be as fruitful as we hoped and did not show any real advantage and the distinct disadvantage of entering a new supply market.

Whilst working with engineers in Australia, on our Tharisa project, I came across The Vanture International-ASIA’s Resource Connections (ARC) Joint Venture and with their guidance and help we have learned to procure equipment particularly from China over the last two years including;

  • 21 foot diameter ball mills
  • Ball mill linings
  • Mill Motors
  • Flotation Cells
  • Thickeners

The ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International JV has provided the best possible service in being able to evaluate potential suppliers, arranging and escorting us on factory visits.  Their local organisation provides the necessary export permits, shipping documents and expediting the loads on to the vessels at the Chinese ports. What has astounded us is their ability to source world standard manufactured equipment at outstanding prices and excellent delivery times.

We have undertaken many visits to China with Vanture International to evaluate the supply of equipment for now our second project – Kameni Platinum Project here in Southern Africa.  This includes similar equipment as above that we sourced for our Tharisa project and we are also increasing our Chinese supply to possibly include fabricated steelwork, electric cable and equipment, and generator sets.

Our experience to date has been very positive with the ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International JV and we will continue to work with them to continue to source our mine development needs.

Tim Crossland
Project Director – Pouroulis Mining Group – South Africa

Mobile: +27 79 491 7042