The new decade and year of 2020 has started strongly for ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International Joint Venture with mining equipment enquiries received from Australia, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Eritrea and South Africa.

We have shipped the ball mills and air compressors for Bassari’s Makabingui gold project with more plant equipment currently being built and ready for export to the operations.

With the gold price continuing strongly and commodity prices looking like staying in positive territory for 2020, ARC-Vanture JV believes 2020 and the decade ahead will see a new level of mineral growth and prosperity globally.

At the heart of the new growth is ensuring development and equipment replacement costs are kept low so as to fully take advantage of this new decade of mineral development prosperity.

During the last decade, China’s equipment manufacturers have invested heavily in constructing new, modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Together with a strong focus on research and development, equipment being manufactured in China matches strongly and in many cases starting to surpass the quality of traditional mining equipment manufacturing hubs of the United States, Finland, Germany and other European countries. The biggest advantage to clients is greater cost-savings procuring directly from China through ARC-Vanture JV. Vanture International is a certified member of

Knowing and understanding the quality Chinese equipment manufacturing hubs that offer first-world quality and derisking the China procurement route is the ARC-Vanture JV advantage offered to all our clients.

See our list of equipment manufactured in recent years and exported globally to our clients’ operations: