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ASIA’s Resource Connections-Vanture International Joint Venture (ARC-Vanture JV) in cooperation with China’s leading chemical institutes has launched EarthGold, an environmentally-friendly GLR to replace sodium cyanide.

The gold leaching solution has been developed over a number of years and has enjoyed unrivalled leaching success at various gold mines in Africa, Australia and China.

EarthGold is the way of the future to meet the needs for an environmentally friendly gold-leaching solution and eliminate the environmental issues associated with the use of sodium cyanide.

It is believed the United Nations is looking at banning the use of cyanide in mining operations by 2018.

The product has been tested by an independent third party testing firm and is currently undergoing sample tests on gold ore samples from various east coast Australian gold mining projects.

EarthGold Gold Leaching Reagent replaces the current traditional use of sodium cyanide in mining operations.

ARC-Vanture JV has a number of 200 gram samples to offer companies to test on their gold ore.

Testing of the reagent is undertaken under the same parameters as the traditional sodium cyanide.

For more information about EarthGold view the PRODUCTS page on this website and read about the properties of EarthGold and its application in leaching gold ores.

To obtain a sample of the EarthGold Gold Leaching Reagent contact Yolanda Torrisi